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9 Things To Get Your House Ready for Fall

I absolutely love fall. There's something invigorating about chilly mornings, cool winds, thinking about fall fashion, AND changing out decor items to fit the season. There are certain things I do every year to get myself pumped up for autumn. Yes, some of it requires going to the basement and grabbing the fall totes but I also love to do some things each year to freshen up my older items.

This post contains some affiliate links.

Change Your Welcome Sign

I can't tell you what a huge difference a nice welcome sign can have on the exterior appearance of your house. When you have a unique or personalized sign, it really brightens up the entryway and makes people feel more comfortable. As a homeowner, it makes you feel that you've done something to give your house some personality and make it yours. I see a TON of the long wooden signs that read, "Welcome." These are great, but my suggestions is to get something more distinctive and unique.

I absolutely love the shop shophandmadehome on Etsy. Kendra makes gorgeous handmade signs. You can message her with your own design ideas or you can choose a ready made sign. I have one of her circular welcome signs on my door and I get many many compliments on it. Don't think you are limited to hanging these signs on your door! You can hang it to the side of your door on the exterior entryway wall or on the interior entryway wall or personalize them for a kids room or kitchen.....endless possibilities.

A Fall Wreath

A gorgeous fall wreath is my favorite decor item for the season. I like them because there are so many different styles to choose from. I brought up my fall items from the basement and I am in need of a new wreath this year. Mine is not in great shape - a few things have fallen off and some of the leaves are broken. It doesn't look good but I'm excited to be shopping for a new one!

I gravitate more toward the autumn berry and foliage wreaths. They are so lively and full of color. I think this year, I will purchase one with silk foliage so it'll last a few years :)

As I'm researching wreaths, I'm really liking this understated rustic wreath below. It has a boho feel to it. Might have to buy two wreaths.....

Create a Simmering Pot of Potpourri For When Guests Arrive

Don't go! I promise this is SUPER SIMPLE and will make your house smell AH-MA-ZING!

Simply fill a small pot half full of water and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to low and put any of the following items in the pot to simmer:

Apple slices

Whole Cloves

Lemon slices

Cinnamon Sticks

Orange slices (with the peel)

Bay Leaves

Star Anise

Don't like the smell of lemon? Leave it out! Cinnamon too strong? Take it out! This comes down to your sense of smell and what is most comforting to you! Try a few different combinations to see what works best for you. I have also tried adding a drop (just a drop) of vanilla essential oil and I really liked this smell with the cinnamon and apples.

Seasonal Doormat

If you like the layered mat look, here is a washable outdoor black and white checkered one you might like. If you want more of a modern look, try this geometric one instead. PLEASE measure first before ordering. The first time I purchased one, I made the mistake of getting one that was the same size as my mat. That really didn't work well with my goal of layering!

Brighten Up Your Porch or Patio

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to decorate for fall is to purchase pumpkins and gourds of different shapes and sizes. You can also change out your summer annuals to a fall plant (I like mums).

This rustic whiskey barrel planter looks great with fall colored plants in it.

Cover Pillows with Seasonal Covers

Changing out your pillow covers is a simple action that makes a huge difference in your seasonal decor. There are SO many to choose from - farmhouse, rustic, modern, muted colors, etc. Again, make sure to read the description and look at the measurements so you're buying the right size covers for your pillows.

Change Out a Table Centerpiece

A fall centerpiece could be as simple as filling a large glass jar with layers of fall colored candy or grouping some gourds together in different colors and sizes. If you have some fall garland, you could place it down the center of your table. Or you could buy something new for the season!


Candles are a must for the fall & winter season. I like to place them in between small pumpkins and gourds, on tabletops, and on the mantel. It is an easy way to brighten a room. I don't always like to have burning candles so some candles that I place around the house or outside are battery operated. I do try to buy one really good smelling candle for the season.

One Specialty Decor Item

We all have that special decor item that we love bringing out each season. Something that is unique to your style and makes you feel proud to put out for others to see. This doesn't necessarily mean it is expensive - it could be something you made or a gift from your mom or a gallery wall of pictures from seasons past but it's something that makes you feel like the season has officially started when you set it out.

*Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I may receive an affiliate commission. These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products. My goal is to recommend quality products from my own personal experience and research.

Happy fall to you! Hope you enjoy the smells, colors, and cooler weather.


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