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The Ultimate Stainless Steel Bottle Cleaner - NO scrubbing required

It's no secret we love tea around my house. We also love our big stainless steel water bottles with a big straw. The problem? Ugly stained bottles. No matter how hard how hard I would scrub I could never get our bottles clean.

EW. This just looked nasty.

The only thing I have found that truly works are these Bottle Bright natural cleaning tablets. At first when a friend told me about them I was leery about using a harsh chemical, but they are not! They are all natural, biodegradable, chlorine free, and environmentally safe.

After soaking and before rinsing and drying. YAY - stains gone!

These tablets are super simple to use. Fill water bottle with warm water, drop in tablet, let sit for 15 minutes, empty & rinse. Wa - Lah!

Bottle Bright Natural Cleaning Tablets

The description from the Bottle Bright store states; "Great for cleaning stainless steel bottles and mugs, hydration reservoirs, coolers, dishes at camp, hard to clean plastic containers and bottles." I have only used them in our stainless steel cups but I can attest they work great!


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