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Best Damn Home Office

If this year has taught us anything, it's that our home is our sanctuary. If you're working from home (still) or a student, you need a space that is functional and comforting.

What I've learned from researching and shopping for a workspace is to choose some unique items that make the space your own.

I recently finished my master's degree so my kitchen table became my home office, but this past spring when schools closed and our teenagers needed a workspace, we had to make some changes and add a home office. These items will make your working area more practical and some things just merely for enjoyment. They might even inspire productivity! I'm not saying you'll want to work all day but being in a space you love makes it easier.


One word; FRAMES!

Display your accomplishments, photos of your family, the picture you painted while drinking wine, a photo of your dog smiling or frame an inspirational quote to keep you focused. Whatever you want to put in them, it is a great way to personalize your space and remind you what matters most. And that's finishing work.

I love the look of these floating frames from Pottery Barn.

Or if you're in the market for something less pricey (like me) then check out this seven

piece multi size frame set from Target.


A Lamp

Not just any lamp - something unique that fits your style. Ask yourself these questions before purchasing; How big do I want this said lamp? Do I want an adjustable desk lamp to focus my light exactly where I need it or a stable lamp? What style will fit my space - Chunky? Sleek? Industrial? Fun? One sure and read the description and measure before purchasing.

Here are three different lamps I think are fabulous!


All In One Desktop Computer

We purchased this Acer all in one desktop computer when I started my master's work. I wanted something that didn't take up a lot of room, was sleek and something I could easily move from the kitchen table to a different room if I needed a quieter place to work. If you aren't sure what "all in one" means - it indicates that all the internal hardware is housed in the monitor, so you don't have a big bulky box to place on the ground next to you.

Our computer has moved all around our house and recently was packed up and taken to Colorado on vacation with us. This all in one computer has an ultra thin design and comes with everything you need to plug in and get started. Ours has been used for many virtual meetings (yes, it has a built in camera), research, homework, and written countless papers.

This all in one PC is a great value. I'm working on it now and couldn't be happier!


Fake Plants

Yep, I said it! Fake. I remember my mom telling me years ago that according to feng shui, it is better to have a fake plant than have a dying, withering plant. When you look at the fake plant and it is vibrant green, it gives off a sense of life and comfort.

I love having real plants but in my office I chose fake plants because, if you are anything like me, you don't want to spend your work time worrying, "What the heck am I doing wrong! I can't keep that plant alive!"

I bought these mini succulents because I liked the different colors and I wanted smaller containers to fit between my books. These are SO cute and life - like. They brighten up my bookshelf and help to break up spaces that need some decor.

This mini potted fake plant is a perfect size for a smaller desk. It won't overwhelm the space and will liven up your area. What I like most about it is the simple container and the life-like bamboo leaves. If you are looking for something larger, I suggest the bundle. You get this one and a 15" taro leaf plant. These faux plants will make you happy.


Monitor Document Clip

If ever there was a small, keenly priced purchase that has made my life easier, it is this monitor clip. Not only does it reduce paper clutter but bringing documents to eye level makes it so much easier to follow along and read while typing. Students will appreciate having a syllabus or research clipped to monitor level while researching.

One reviewer stated,

"A must have in the office"


You absolutely must have a spot for books, organizational items, and desk supplies. Shelves free up space from your desk and help to organize items. I like these shelves with their rustic style wood and industrial metal brackets. They are perfect for a smaller home office or small wall space. This set of three comes with a small, medium and large shelf but the large itself measures 17x4, so definitely not huge.

Rustic Wood Floating Shelves from Love-KANKEI


A Nice Large Mug

I consider a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, green tea, or herbal tea with honey a necessity for keeping me going during the day. These mugs by Clay in Motion are not only beautiful but they are dishwasher and microwave safe which is a big plus for me! We have two of them - one that my son won't let anyone else touch and one for myself. This one holds 20 oz (that's a lot of deliciousness right there!) and comes in twelve different styles. It's a beauty and a must for working at home.


A Light Scented Candle

I feel better when my house smells good. However, I don't like overwhelming smells or smells that are too sweet. Even when I do burn a candle I can't burn them for very long - just enough to uplift my spirits. I found these candles and I can't get enough of the scents. They don't overpower with strong fragrance and the packaging is impressive so even when not burning, it looks great. And great to give as a gift, too! I recommend the Tobacco Vanilla scent but they have several other scents to choose from.

Breathe in....mmmmm.


A Comfortable Chair

I debated whether to add this to my list because people have very strong opinions about their chairs! And I must say, I have a checklist when it comes to a desk chair, too. I don't want wheels, I want a full back, and I want side arms. Comfort is a must.

There are a plethora of chairs to choose from. When you search, "office chairs" you will find a lot of your typical office chair with wheels and black vinyl. So you might consider searching for "side chair" or "dining chair" or "accent chair" to see different options like this one....


Fun Items for Your Home Office


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