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Best Damn Fall Party - Everything you Need to start planning a Fall Outdoor Party

It's almost fall! Well ... it's a month away, but I am soooo excited for cooler weather and an outdoor fall party. Here you will find all of the greatest things you need to plan an outdoor party this fall. I'm already looking forward to cooler weather, fire pit, cocktails, good food, fall clothes and games!

Fall Party Planner

I don't know about you but it's been months since we have had a gathering at our house with more than a few friends. I am looking forward to the cooler weather so we can have a few more people over outside where we can still distance ourselves enough to be safe but get together and have some fun!

Here are some things to hold a great outside patio party.


Fire Pit

I prefer a gas fire pit. It doesn't create a lot of smoke, so you don't smell like a campfire at the end of the night. Also, I'm sure my neighbors appreciate being able to open their windows on a nice crisp evening without having to smell the smoke from my fire pit.

I love this fire pit because it isn't overwhelmingly large. You can fit it nicely in the middle of backyard furniture or place it on the corner of your patio. It houses the propane tank behind panels so you can't see it.

Another reason this fire pit is great? When you don't have a fire going, it comes with a lid so it is easily converted to a table. Very handy when you are outside on a hot summer day and don't want a fire going.

One reviewer said,


Yes. Yes, it is.



You want your guests to feel comfortable staying outside when the sun goes down. Good lighting is a must. Plus, it creates a festive ambiance. We bought these lights two years ago and not only do they give our patio a cheerful atmosphere, they give off enough light over our patio for guests to see each other.

I'm amazed how durable these lights are. They have stayed up through hail, strong winds, snow and ice storms. We checked last night and there is one bulb that needs to be replaced. Pretty good for not being used for months! I highly recommend these patio lights.

Tip; the lights come in a 48ft string set - it's a good idea to measure to see if you will need more than one set.


Simple Creativity

I don't like to go overboard with decorations or spending a lot of money on outdoor fall decor. I prefer simple things like placing hay bales around for seating or using hay bales and pumpkins for a photo booth. I like this simple idea of placing candy corn in mason jars for cutlery - super cute, fits the season and easy to do.

I love mums and they certainly yell "fall!" Potted mums are an affordable way to bring in some fall color.


BBQ Grill

A good party has yummy food. And any outdoor party has grilled food. The grill is not just for meat anymore - you can put anything you like on the grill and there are endless grill recipes! I truly love the smell of food cooking on a grill and the texture and flavor it gives to vegetables and meat.

We are currently in the market for a grill since ours went kaput. My husband enjoys talking to people to get their opinion when on the hunt for something and likes to research before buying. Here are some grills we are considering.

Char-broil Performance 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Our neighbor has this grill and this baby is niiiiiiice. It can hold a lot of food with four burners. One reason they really like it, is the side burner. According to them it makes it easy to make a side dish (macaroni and cheese for the kids) outdoors so everyone can stay together. Seems handy to me!

I am not sure we need something quite this big (still in discussion) so we are also looking at this one....

I have not seen this grill in person, but it has over 1,000 great reviews. It is a two burner so not as big as the one above it. It also doesn't have the side burner, but if you have a smaller space and still want the side shelves this

might be the grill to get. (And might be the one we get - I'll let you know)



We recently bought some outdoor games to take with us on our vacation to Colorado. We wanted to have some things to do at the rental house in case some of the tourist sites were too busy - which was definitely the case. #socialdistance

Having some games lying around at an outdoor party is nice to have for kids and fun for adults, too. Here are a few of the things we recently purchased and some we already had for outdoor get togethers and tailgating. I'm sure there are some amazing fall games that you could organize but these games are ready to place around the yard and go!

Toss and Catch Game 6 Paddles and Three Balls

Cornhole Bean Bags Ring Toss Game

Kan Jam

Cornhole Toss Game (Portable - packs up nice to store, as well)


A Place to Put Your Stuff

You must have a spot to place snacks, drinks, plates and cutlery. We have two folding tables that we use for outdoor parties and we take one with us when tailgating. It's nice to have a spot to place things that you don't want on the ground and so your guests don't have to keep going back inside to get what they need.

This table folds, locks and has a handle for transporting. It is a six foot folding table and has over 4,000 review on Amazon!


Beverage Container

You could use coolers for your beverages OOORRRRR you could get a hip (I don't really know if they are hip - do people say "hip anymore?") stainless steel beverage tubs. We use one for non-alcoholic drinks and one for alcoholic drinks. I think they are much prettier than setting out our old blue cooler with our last name written with Sharpie on it. They really are purdy and I think getting two for this price is a very good deal!


Speaking of Drinks....

Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail by No Spoon Necessary

It is nice to have one specialty drink for your guests and this drink is gorgeous. No, I have not tried it ..... yet, but rest assured I will be making this cocktail for my fall party. I appreciate that No Spoon Necessary adds a how to video to make the drink. It seems pretty easy and just look at it! Apple cider, lime juice, gin, honey, apple sticks, YUMMEEEE.

No Spoon Necessary - You had me at gin, slightly sweet, and tart.

Be careful when taking glassware outside! Try these shatterproof glasses. Cheers!


Warmer Clothing

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp air, red and orange leaves falling, fall decor and it gives me a reason to reach for my favorite light sweaters. Layers are always a good idea for an outdoor party in early fall because when the sun goes down you want to grab a sweater or light jacket. Here are a few ideas for men and women.

Outfit Ideas. You can Shop The Look here.

Or buy separates like this long cardigan in fall colors is quite adorable

"Perfection!" says one reviewer


Men's Fleece Zip Up Hoodie

Thirteen different colors, over 1,900 reviews and you can't beat the price. I chose the white one for fall because I'm a rule breaker.


The must have jean jacket. Eight colors and over 4,800 reviews.


Racer Jacket - 16 colors, sizes up to 5X, and over 1,300 reviews!


Reversible Bomber Jacket - Leopard print or black, either way, cute!


Understated Decorations

I like to keep decorations simple and well placed. Small pumpkins and different colors and shapes of gourds are classy, easy, and affordable. I use battery powered flameless candles on tables and walkways near a few pumpkins and gourds. You can find some flameless outdoor candles here.


If you'd like ideas on fall decor for interior and exterior then visit my blog post on the 9 Things To Do To Get Your House Ready for Fall. It includes a recipe for a simmering pot of potpourri to make your house smell GREAT!

There you have it! Everything you need for your party! Wait, food. What to do for food....

Check back for scrumptious recipes to try at your fall party. If you have suggestions for party food, please comment!

**Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in my blog postings are affiliate links and I may receive an affiliate commission. These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products. My goal is to recommend quality products from my own personal experience and research. I will do my best to explain products so you can make an informed decision when doing your own research. ​ Thank you so much for visiting my site.


Have fun * Enjoy * Think Happy Thoughts

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