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Best Damn Planner - Yearly planner, weekly planner, day planner, and goal planner all in one

The Best Damn day planner EHH -VERRRR. If you like having a planner that you can take everywhere with you for goal planning, annual planning, day planning, weekly planning - THIS IS IT! This is an all in one professional and personal goal planner and is my absolute favorite planner.

I am old school - I like to write things down instead of putting everything in my phone. I have to have something with me throughout the day to take notes, write reminders, and keep important dates handy. My preference is to write in pencil so I can easily change something if I need to.

How do I know it's the best? Because my third one arrived today! This is the third year I have purchased this planner because it simply is the best planner I have found. I use it everyday to write notes (both professional and personal), write down dates, doodle quotes, write about things that happened during my day that I don't want to forget, events, and goal plan. I basically use it for everything; as a vision board, journal, goal planner, and everyday planner.

I love the bejeweled cover design but there are many other cover designs (and different planners and sizes) to choose from like the Just Breathe cover or the Sunflower cover. More styles can be found here and shown at the bottom of this post.

My three planners

I call it a "day planner" but it is SO much more than just daily planning, weekly planning, yearly planning and recording dates for events. I will show you all of the wonderful things this planner includes but first I want to tell you this is a hardcover planner. It is extremely durable. It also has thick pages that will not easily tear. If you look at my planners above you can see the older ones on the bottom are still in great shape.

I like to keep my outdated planners. It's fun to go back and look at previous goals but it has also been helpful to me when filling in documents and going back to find dates of when I attended meetings/events.

Below are all the goal planning pages included in this planner. I have to admit that I haven't used all these included goal planning pages as they are intended but it is awesome to have these pages to reflect on priorities and how to reach your goals; both personal and professional.

Goal Overview for the Year

Personal Goals for the Year

Essential Monthly Goals

Areas of Focus

Where am I now, Where do I want to be, How do I get there? - Guiding Questions to reach your goals by reflecting and thinking ahead

Essential Steps for Reaching Goals

Goal Mindmap / Notes

Here is a mindmap that I did last year. It certainly isn't anything special. I have seen some mindmaps that other people have done that are super creative - different colors, stickers, pictures, and inspirational quotes. I am always in awe of anyone that is artistic! I don't have that bone in my body. But this planner is more like a journal, goal planner and daily planner all in one, so make it personal. Be creative and make it yours!

Add veggies to each meal? Um, ok. That didn't happen! But I at least was more mindful of eating more vegetables. Moving on....

Below I will show you the different ways you can keep track of yearly, monthly and weekly dates, meetings, events or even reminders on people to call, etc. Whatever you want to write down to remember!

I used all these pages. I write everything down; notes to myself, things to remember, notes about my day, birthdays of family and friends, meeting times, notes from meetings, event planning, personal and work to do name it! My pages are full.

Year At a Glance

Monthly Overview

Daily and Weekly Planning

End of Month Notes & Reflections

Notes & Ideas for Next Month

Bill Payment Calendar

Essential Contacts

I know, we all have smart phones but I used these pages when meeting new people at work and made notes so I didn't forget them the next time I saw them!


More Styles To Choose From


There you have it! THE best damn planner ever! Happy planning, organizing, note taking, journaling, mindmapping, to do list making, and goal setting!! Let me know if you love it as much as I do by commenting on my post.

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