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Best Damn Loungewear From Amazon

Soft Cozy Loungewear

Working from home? I know you have pajamas on...

So, what makes it to the top of my best damn loungewear list? I buy items that are affordable and already have at least 10 good reviews. It's just how I shop. And I do A LOT of online shopping - especially right now. Loungewear for my family needs to be soft, no tight waist bands cutting into you, washable (no time for hand washing), and pieces that can be worn while sitting on our deck (Hello neighbors!). So here is my favorite damn loungewear for men AND women! Get ready to feel instantly relaxed.

Here they are - the one and only thing you will want to wear. Cute enough to wear on your virtual call but cozy enough to sleep in. When you think of the word comfort what comes to mind? Soft, fabric that gives a little, lightweight, something that makes you want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. This loungewear has everything that the word comfort brings to mind. Made by Ekouaer, this pajama set has over 35 different patterns to choose from. Thirty-five! Christmas patterns, plaids, dots and solids.

They are doing something right with over 2,500 reviews on Amazon! You can get them here.


I bought a pair of these for my son and he asked for another pair. So I purchased a pair for my hubby, too. Both of them love that these shorts keep them cool while sleeping. They are very comfortable, soft, breathable, wash well, and are extremely affordable.

One review says, "Like wearing nothing!" I guess you can't beat that when it comes to comfort.

Latuza Men's Pajama Bottom Shorts

Available in 6 colors


I'm crazy about slippers and I wear them no matter the season. I have slides, booties, open toe, name it - I've tried them. Most slippers don't stay on, fit weird, or make your feet sweat. When I found these I could not stop raving about them, so I bought two more pair. I have also bought these as gifts for people.

I wear these slippers everyday. First thing I do when I get home, is slip into these. They stay on your feet, are super soft, keep my feet warmer than other slippers I've tried, and I just throw them in the washer and dryer. Love, love, love these World's Softest Cozy Slippers. Ten styles and only 18 bucks.


No, this is not a dress. It's the cutest summer robe you can find! I don't know about you, but I LOVE a lightweight robe to put on after showering or over my jammies in the morning before getting coffee. This one is my favorite! The sleeves are long enough but not too long. It is sooooo soft and quite adorable. So adorable, in fact, that if your significant other said "Let's go to dinner!" You could put this on and walk out the door. No. Don't do that, but seriously - it's supa dupa cute.

The Hotouch women's Kimono Robe is 95% cotton, belt is attached and has pockets. Yes, sing it with me....pooooocccckkkkeeeeets.

The product description on Amazon used the word "sexy" and one reviewer said, "Yes. Yes. Yes." I don't have anymore words. Just get it here and see what you think.


My husband likes 100% cotton t-shirts. He doesn't want any shirts that are "stretchy or shiny." Another thing he must have in a shirt is length. He is 6'2" and appreciates that these keep him covered when he bends over.

I have bought him several of these shirts and he wears them each week. They are preshrunk, thick but not heavy and soft. I've washed them enough to know they don't shrink or fade.

There are 24 different colors to choose from, come in sizes S - 4X and extremely affordable. Big Fan!


I have bought many, many pairs of yoga pants over the years. And I never do yoga, but that's another story.

These yoga pants are my favorite because the wide waistband gives me more support and the flared design makes me feel more freeing while walking the dogs or cleaning. They are fitted through hips and thigh but not too tight.

I seriously live in these. The thicker material makes me feel very comfortable going out in public and the stretch is just enough.

If you are in the market for yoga pants, these are the ones you want.


I adore this loose fit tunic. Yes, I adore it. Not only is it super soft, comfy, affordable and fits perfectly, it also has pockets and is super cute. You can lounge in this at home or pair it with some leggings and head out.

I have the long sleeve gray style shown here and I have the "Be Kind" short sleeve style. Both adorable.


If you want a pair of pants that feel like a

super soft, lightweight t-shirt then you want these pants. These men's jersey knit pants have a drawstring to loosen or tighten and a front fly with one button.

Women, don't think these are only for men. As one reviewer said...

"I've found men's pajamas are much better. These are really comfy."

I have a friend who told me she loves to wear a nightgown to bed. I giggled because I immediately pictured my grandmother's mumu. You know, the night dress that had pleats starting just below her collar bone and went all the way below her knees and it had big purple flowers all over it? That one.

I've always been one to wear shorts or pajama pants to bed but I wanted to try a nightgown after my friend told me she will not wear anything else to bed but a long nightgown. Now, I'm hooked.

This is not your grandmother's mumu.

This nightgown is loose, soft, breathable, and has side splits so you don't feel constricted. It has pockets that aren't bulky so you don't feel them while sleeping on your side. I love how comfortable and cozy I feel in this nightgown. It is recommended to hand wash but I put mine in the washer on the delicate cycle then air dry.

If you have never worn a nightgown, try this one.


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